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Soon-to-be Published!

This is a weird thing to write. But, I’m thrilled to announce I’ll soon be a published author! My first novel, If He Only Knew, will be published by the wonderful folks at NineStar Press. NineStar is based in New Mexico and is a “boutique publisher of quality LGBTQA” literature. Their mission in publishing is similar to mine in writing: showcasing characters not often represented in fiction.

Over the next few months I hope to share a few details on the publishing process and the events leading up to the eventual release! To be honest, though I wrote the book, I never really knew if it would exist in the real world or just live inside my computer files. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind trying to wrap my mind around, but I am very thankful to everyone at NineStar and cannot wait to actually share my work with everyone. Stay tuned!