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New Year, New You

Expectations are never realistic. Outcomes often fail to meet objectives. Wishes rarely come true.

None of that has ever stopped Abram Hoffman from meeting every goal he's ever set. In a world full of constants—his pace per mile, daily caloric intake, number of isolated bicep curls—the balance of Abe's delicately crafted life topples when his childhood best friend Cassie Montgomery unexpectedly moves back home. Cassie arrives just in time to discover her mother, Clare, has been hiding life-changing news. Still reeling over the sudden death of her husband, Clare welcomes her daughter home with open arms, and Abe opens his door to Cassie's new boyfriend, Jared.

As Clare fights for her life, Abe grows closer to the alluring Jared, a handsome doctor whose lingering touches and ambiguous actions make Abe question his true intentions and throws him into a tailspin of uncontrollable desire. Just as Abe finally vows to move on from the heartbreak produced by his ex, Harris McGee, Harris makes a sudden splash back into Abe's life, as well as into the center of a media frenzy. It's not easy relentlessly living under a microscope, especially for Harris, the mayor's gay son with a habit of making ill-advised, newsworthy blunders. But his latest mistake may be the most dangerous error yet.

Abram, Clare and Harris quickly learn that the truth is hard to see and even harder to tell. As they suffer through life's obstacles—sometimes victims of circumstance, sometimes victims of themselves—they are forced to face the fact that control isn't always an option and words, whether true or false, can't always save you. Set in Buffalo, New York, New Year, New You deals with life and death—and the love that flourishes in between—told from three powerful perspectives.