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My Name is … What?

For me, writing the 90,000-plus words of my book wasn’t exactly a breeze. But the one thing that was without a doubt absolutely harder? Coming up with a title! I thought the name would come to me in time. Each week I strove to write five pages and put all my effort into the latest chapter, not the name of the book as a whole. I nicknamed the book something related to the plot (which I won’t share to avoid any spoilers) and just went with the temporary title until I finished writing. To my disappointment, nothing obvious ever sprang up! I toyed with Exercise in Futility for a while, then debated Which Way Will The Wind Blow. Neither of those made the most sense, so I gave up on both almost as soon as I thought of them. There were a slew of others in the mix, too, but they were so forgettable I can’t even remember them!

The title I settled on was If He Only Knew, which happens to work for each of the three perspectives the book is told from. I find it unique enough that there isn’t something out there already with the title, but I also find it general enough that it isn’t considered wacky.  Is there a chance the title could change? Of course! But until that happens, I’m happy with what I’ve got.