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Cutest Co-Authors in the World

Anyone who has a pet understands how clingy they can be sometimes. In the dead of winter, nothing is more true in our house. Glory and Julie will find any excuse to curl up on my legs and park themselves there for hours. I must say, as uncomfortable and awkward as they can be, I feel as if they are silent motivators on my quest to continue writing. When they’re on me, I’m forced to focus on the task at hand of writing. It’s almost as if they know I just need to plug away and type whatever thoughts are rolling through my head. Of course, this only works when I’m sitting on a chair. When I try to write at the desk, it’s a different ballgame. They do everything they can to squeeze next to me, resulting in a lot of irritation and some adorable photo opportunities.


These girls never cease to make me laugh. And though they annoy me to no end sometimes, I’m thankful I can find inspiration in their zany antics!


2 thoughts on “Cutest Co-Authors in the World”

  1. Oh yes, I know this all too well. Our male cat Luca (who looks like a clone of one of yours) refuses to be more than two inches from me all winter. I’d like to say it’s more out of love than a desire for physical warmth, but he’s not quite so clingy in the hot summer months.

    Enjoy the affection. And the forced productivity! I can’t wait to read your book!

    1. Thank you, Greg! Ours our only clingy in the winter, too! It can be annoying, but when they don’t do it, I get offended haha!

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