Steve Pacer Uncategorized Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes


A lot has happened with my book since the last time I wrote. First and foremost, my editor at NineStar Press suggested the title change of “New Year, New You,” which was never something I thought of myself. Though the saying is not one of my favorites, it is absolutely fitting for the book! Those words are even the first words of the book, so I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner. You’ll have to read it and see if you think it works!

The release date also got pushed back a few weeks from the original date of April 2nd, which was actually kind of comforting to me. I’m very nervous about releasing the book and hearing the reaction of people. I obviously don’t expect everyone to view the book as the next The Great Gatsby or anything magnificent, but I still hope people enjoy it!

There’s only a few weeks left to prepare myself, so I better get over my anxiety. Good thing I’m distracted by also working on details for the book launch party I’m throwing. It’s crazy to think, but it’s all happening!